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Vital clues linking Attavara to underworld found

… Police suspect that the laptop could also have been used to make threat calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. The calls made using this technology make the caller’s number appear as though it belongs to a foreign country. “We …

U.S. phone subsidies to go to broadband

.. have moved to unlimited long-distance calling plans and as traditional telephone customers have abandoned service for VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol). The Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies …

Skype strangely silent on absence from Ovi store in USA

… vi turns up IM+ for Skype, but not the voice-call client presented as a blue S logo. Nimbuzz and Fring, which make free VoIP calls, also match the search. PaulBoutin Phil, who is your E71’s carrier? Disqus

Best VoIP provider to make the communication effective

… connected globally. Effect of globalization has increased the importance of sound communication on a wider prospect. VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is a digital mode of calling which is capable of providing great ease connecting people across …


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  1. VoIP for now is cheapest calling service, because it uses internet and send data through it. It is faster and more simplier than standart mobile service.

    I use service of VoIP in my country for 4.99$ a month and im happy because i can call anywhere anytime and pay only month subscription!

    If you want to find good company in you living place, go to – VoIP directory which have BIG list of companies!

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