International Calls Free to Several Countries from Australia

A lot of companies are already offering access number based VoIP calls whereby a user dials a local number; enter the international number they wish to call and get connected to that number. These services enables users to make international calls at local rates or free (if there local call are free or included in their unlimited plan) to several countries around the world. For this service to work providers must have access numbers in all the countries they operate, which means they must have physical presence there one way or the other and this limitation mean that providers can only provider access number for some limited number of countries. So wherever such numbers are available we bring it to the attention of our readers so that they can take advantage of it. Access based VoIP service is really useful because it enables you to access your VoIP service from your mobile phone irrespective of where you are. logo.png

This post is to introduce Callr to our readers living or visiting Australia and need to make international calls. Callr provide access number based VoIP service that enables users to make free international calls to about 70 countries around the world. The list of the free countries includes traditionally non-free countries in terms of VoIP calls such as India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam etc.

Anybody who lives or visiting Australia can use Callr by calling their access number: 0404446663 from their landline or mobile phones. Providers in Australia offer package deals which can give free minutes to call mobiles phones across Australia, these packaged minutes can be used to call the access number making the international calls completely free.

We hope Callr access number based VoIP service will help you save on international calls. The complete list of free countries is available at


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