Bad Economy will Spur Faster VoIP Growth, says Expert

It sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what Don Witt, President of cyLogistics, said when he predicted that the economic meltdown will actually spur faster VoIP growth during 2009.

Witt supports his theory with many of the same arguments used to promote the idea of a VoIP explosion in the years before the economy started to crumble, namely that competition would lead businesses to cut costs and that one of the easiest places to cut costs was to look to the company phone bill.

In his statement, With said "The stock market meltdown will increase VoIP growth. More and more executives will be under the gun to cut costs. There are a number of ways to cut costs but one way to cut costs tends to jump out at you: the PHONE BILL. This will force many companies to take the digital/VoIP plunge. As a result, VoIP sales will increase significantly over the next year or two."

Witts also added that it will be too early to give actual numbers to support his theory, he however believes that the channel activity tends to indicate this trend as a reality. "Reseller and carrier activity has increased significantly. The increase in VoIP sales will increase on a worldwide basis. We think that this will continue through 2009, making 2009 an incredible growth year for VoIP communications," he said.

In his response, TMCnet’s Tom Keating holds that there are indications that not only enterprises, but also municipalities and schools are deploying VoIP to save on costs. "In fact, I recently came across one town right here in Connecticut (Enfield), which recently deployed VoIP, resulting in dramatic savings… while one example doesn’t make it the rule, I do think companies, municipalities, etc. are looking to cut costs, and VoIP is one sure-fire way to do just that," he concluded. As it is, we all need some good news right now, so let’s hope Witt is right.

Solomon’s VoIP World


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