VoIP Providers Meet New FCC Rules

911enableThe FCC recently adopted new 911 rules for VoIP service providers. These rules, set out in the NET 911 Improvement Act signed into law by President Bush in July, require that VSPs have access to the 911 system and that their customers be able to make emergency calls that are routed directly to the local public safety answering point. 911 Enable provides an Emergency Routing Service that helps VSPs meet these requirements.

The Emergency Routing Service provides the largest enhanced 911 coverage available on the market, with connectivity to over 5000 PSAPs nationwide. In the event of a 9-1-1 call, the VSP simply routes the call to the ERS. The service will automatically connect the caller to the appropriate PSAP based on their registered location, ensuring that the correct location data and callback number appear on the dispatcher’s terminal. Service providers can incorporate 911 Enable’s provisioning interface directly into their website, allowing users to update and validate their locations in real-time, no matter where they might be. The ERS is ideal for residential VoIP providers and hosted IP-PBX providers.

911 Enable also provides E911 solutions for organizations with private IP-PBX systems, helping them meet state and local E911 obligations. Its solutions are certified with today’s leading IP telephony vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel.


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  1. Great , and this service will be based on regional special services in addeyion the is a new protocol called CALEA which will provide more info a bout other governmental control services

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