Voice over WiMAX Arrives

By Ted Stevenson
October 13, 2008

Utah-based Alianza Corp. has been developing its integrated VoIP/UC platform for some four years now, and selling it around the world to a variety of carriers, CLECs, and Internet service providers in the so-called tier two market—smaller subscriber bases. Alianza has architected its IP solution to support all types of transmission media, cable, satellite, and wireless networks.

Virginia-based DigitalBridge Communications (DBC)—an ISP whose mission is to bring broadband Internet connectivity to under-served communities—launched BridgeMAXX, if not the first, then one of the first, commercial WiMAX networks back in June of last year, followed by a mobile WiMAX deployment in June of 2008.

This week, DBC announced BridgeMAXX VOICE, powered by the Alianza platform. It may or may not be the first WiMAX-based VoIP service, but it’s the first we’ve heard of. The company is characterizing the $29.95 per month phone application as a way to "enhance its fixed high-speed wireless Internet service"—and "upgrade to better value."

See here for the full story at Enterprise VoIP Planet.


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