Mail.Ru partners with Global IP Solutions to Ensure Quality VoIP Communications

gipsRealizing the need to integrate latest VoIP system into its web portal, Mail.Ru – a popular Russian Internet web portal, has called on Global IP Solution (GIPS) to help deliver its technology to its IM application. GIPS, based in California is a provider of IP multimedia processing, serving application developers, wired and wireless service
providers and network and telecommunications equipment vendors.The two parties have settled necessary arrangement to facilitate quick delivery of this VoIP technology and part of the agreement reached include the incorporation of the version 5.0 that will allow low and cheap calls tariff to stationary and mobile phones from the company’s portal.

Mail.Ru Agent for PC-to-PC calls, as well as telephone calls to both landline’s and cell phones and thereby attracts many users to its services. In his remarks, Jan Linden, vice president of engineering at GIPS said "We’re thrilled to add Mail.Ru to our list of leading global Internet Service Providers, who see Unified Communications (News – Alert) and
point-to-multi point communications across IP-devices as a strategic benefit for their customer base."

The company concluded that with GIPS Voice Engine’s unique capabilities, such as automated adjustments for echo, noise suppression and bandwidth constraints, his company is confident that Mail.Ru will realize an immediate dramatic improvement in voice quality and overall user experience.



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