VoIP audio advertising

Back in May, “Intel has invested an undisclosed amount in VoIP firm Jajah, a Voice over IP firm, and the company will also get access to Intel’s own patents,” p2pnet posted, continuing:

Now Jajah says it’s organised a partnership with Oridian Online Media Solutions centering on in-call advertising.

What that means is the companies will try to persuade users to sign up for a deal under which they’ll have to listen to advertising in return for which they’ll have an “opportunity” to “earn credits,’ or “potentially” cover the cost of the call, says vnunet.“Earnings from an audio ad played while the call is being initiated are shared between the user and Jajah and credited to the user’s account,” says the story.

“Oridian reckons that sponsoring calls allows advertisers to establish new customer relationships and revenue streams, while telcos can generate greater average revenue per user by implementing the service alongside existing infrastructures.”

It’ll probably be like when you make a call to a company and you’re forced to listen to canned audio ad blurb while you’re waiting for a real person to come online.

The story doesn’t say if there’d be some kind of built-in delay so the ad could play before connections are made.



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