Top VoIP Stories in the Blogosphere

BT in a move to persuade customers to share their Wi-Fi.

BT has liased with Spanish technology company Fon, with the support of world giant, Google, to try to get its more than 3 million British internet users to open up part of their home wireless broadband networks so that other people can use them. They are hoping it will push wireless broadband access, or wi-fi, into suburban and even rural areas. In return for letting other BT customers use partimage

McDonald to make Wi-Fi available in all of its UK Restuarants

The internationally known fast food owners, McDonald’s has promised its customers free high speed wireless internet access at most of its 1,200 branches before the year runs out, this single act would make McDonald’s the biggest provider of such a service in the whole of the UK. All tha is needed by a Customer laptop, compatible mobile phones or games consoles and they stay connected for hoursimage

Skype founders contended with honorable £260m exit

The two co-founders of Skype, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis have happily voiced their decision to step down from the company they sold to eBay in 2005. The move, which was announced yesterday, has forced eBay into a £590m writedown on the £2.1bn it paid for the internet telephony company just two years ago. This decision has nothing todo with the chairmanship of Mr Zannstrom, as heimage

Nokia spends $8 Billion on Navteq, promises Excellent Location-Based Services

The Finnish mobile phone giant company, NOKIA, with nearly a third of the global handset market, has decided to bet big on location-based services (LBS), and has moves on buying off the Chicago-based digital map company NAVTEQ for the going price of $8.1 billion. A break up would give about $78 per share. This is one of Nokia’s largest purchases in recent history, the worldclass mobile giant hasimage

Best Buy to buy Covad, How True?

In a recent release by a magazine, Broadband Reports, it was observed and stated that Best Buy (BBY), the large North American electronics marketing network, is very ready and interested to acquire Covad (DVW), a large wholesale broadband provider after recently grabbing Speakeasy, a major DSL provider. From all indications, the discussions on the purchase is the shaky in nature, Broadbandimage

Zune2 is definitelly not an iPod killer

Microsoft has announced the introduction of second-generation Zunes which will go on sale in November this year. Indications show that the products would be sold at $249.99 for Zune 80GB hard-drive model, with a 3.2 inch screen, and two flash models: a Zune 8GB at $199.99 and a 4GB for $149.99. The 8GB and 4GB will come in pink, green, black and glossy red. It is obvious that Microsoft isimage

Power personalised: Ten easy steps to unlock your iPhone using the new iNDependence

iPhone users now have the freedom of downloading the latest iPhone firmware on to their unlocked iPhone, this is a new firmware that will unlock all the functionalitie of the iPhone except for the phone service. It is a Cocoa-based application for Mac OS X known as iNDependence. This has a simple User Interface for modifying iPhones. The easy steps start by downloading iNDependence from http:image

JAJAH buttons removed from eBay listings

Not long ago JAJAH introduced new widgets to help eBay listers to use them on their listings pages. The simple idea of inserting the widget is allow JAJAH users to talk directly to the seller just by a click of the widget. It seems the fact that eBay owns JAJAH competitor Skype is behind this quick decision, Well, left alone, I would conclude its true. A report by Amy-Mae Elliott of theimage


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