AstriCon 2007, the Open Source Telephony Conference

AstriCon 2007, the longest running conference of the most widely used open source telephony software, Asterisk. Digium created, owns and is the innovative force behind Asterisk and uses it as the basis for its own voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. Using a dual-licensing model, Digium licenses Asterisk for use by myriad software and telecommunications companies around the world to enable them to deliver their own differentiated solutions. Asterisks widespread use and feature set make it one of the most influential open source projects today.

AstriCon will be held from September 24-28 at the Carefree Resort & Villas near Phoenix, Ariz. Registration is open at The conference offers sessions for Asterisk experts as well as those just getting started with the software. Industry focus sessions are geared toward enterprise users, carriers and Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), and call centers. Topics include:

  • Deploying open source telecommunications in enterprises.
  • Building an enterprise-class call center with Asterisk.
  • VoIP security.
  • Asterisk high availability and load balancing.
  • Clustering Asterisk.
  • Running Asterisk on embedded systems.
  • Peer-to-peer telephony applications.
  • Speech recognition and Asterisk.
  • Designing custom Asterisk applications.

Asterisk will be downloaded more than 1 million times in 2007 and used to power voice communications in businesses with a few people and organizations with tens of thousands, said Mark Spencer, creator of Asterisk and chief technology officer of Digium. The software owes its success to the enthusiasm and involvement of the worldwide Asterisk community. In Phoenix at the sixth annual AstriCon, Digium looks forward to meeting with and hearing from all who have made Asterisk a part of their businesses, including customers, partners and software developers.


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