Free Unlimited Calls to 35 Countries via VoipWise

voipwise-logoFree Unlimited Calls to 35 Countries via VoipWise. VW seems much more friendly at the first look. A download link on their homepage to get their VOIP softphone client is handy.

The following countries are included in FREE Calls promotion: -P

Australia, Austria
Belarus, Belgium
Canada, Czech Republic
Finland, France
Germany, Greece Greenland
Iceland, Ireland
Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg
Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
United Kingdom, United States (+mobile)



51 Responses

  1. Are these calls always free or is there a limit? I had a program called freecalls and they charged after a few minutes of calling.

  2. After installing this piece of crap, I found out that the “free” calls are once again limited to a 1 minute phone call. Another rip off product. You are better off to sign up with and you can call 10 numbers unlimited use and it is free.

  3. Indeed, not really free. In NL I can upgrade for 1,30 euro by phone and should be able to call for free for 120 days.
    same company as voipstunt and loads of other voip providers.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is so negative about this kind of services. I downloaded 1 year ago the service ‘voipcheap’ from the same company (Betamax) and I am very satisfied. When I upgrade for 10 euros, I get 90 freedays. My 10 euro’s don’t expire, but I can use it to send sms (1 cent) , to call to gsm or to call to landlines after the 90 days (also 1 cent/min.), or. I think it is really really cheap. Every time I upgrade ik get 90 freedays again.

  5. i want to down load

  6. down load
    this site

  7. hello the Owner of this site & also those who are the member or using this site..
    Dears,i think its cool one. i havn’t use it still coz when i go for downloading its software i got some problem,means i m not able to download ..the NExt page comes with “the Page cannot be opened”
    So PLease Solve my PRoblem ..;;)
    Thank u Everyone here..

  8. hello ijaz how ru

  9. Ich bin osmanesebali ich habe guthaben gekauft aber noch nicht kommen Austria

  10. VoipWise is ripoff. They say it is free after some time they charge Eur 0.01 a minute to these free countries. Why they say after paying credit you have 120 days. Now they tell me to pay more even afer it should be free for 120 day. Total rip off

  11. i download this program then i pay this money but i cant used
    how many times i send mail about my problem but they dont give me answer

  12. how this free call ???
    if i cant used this ….
    and where they why cant give me answer ??
    anybody can read this from voipwise??
    if customers have problem about this who will help them god??
    this also perfect……

  13. I have a netcafe in dubai, I am intrested to resaler with voipwise.
    pls tel me about this?

  14. download this program then i pay this money but i cant used
    how many times i send mail about my problem but they dont give me answer

  15. po kam deshir me fol me telfon

  16. My name is Syed Ali I lost my password

    My vw id is jaffar12pk

  17. salmam hello free call

  18. Dear Subscribers,
    Why India is not included in free countries inspite of the fact that India has become superpower in IT. PLease arrange free calls facilities in india.
    With Thanks

  19. salam how austrila is free its is 9 cent /minute

  20. i love viopwise,but i m not satisfide with vw ,bcoz i want full free version

  21. I love voip wise so need to get free commnacation

  22. Blog “Cheap Calling Card” does the review of sites, givings services of free telephony. It is there possible to find a lot of free directions very much.

  23. Bestcalling blog http://bestcalling.wordpress com does the review of sites, givings services of free telephony. It is there possible to find a lot of free directions very much.

  24. I love voip wise so need to get free commnacation

  25. I love voip wise so need to get free commnacation

  26. i love voipe so need to get free commnacation

  27. can i call to india

  28. hi i love voipwise need to get free call in saudia and pakistan too

  29. i want to cridit,by voipwise when ever i will click on the buy option that page is not opening.

  30. I dont get… how this works.

    I have a sip number and I have configured my modem and a connected phone. I have bought credit for 10 €. So , I have 90 freedays.

    According to their price table calling to TUrkey (landline) is free.
    So, I tried a few times to call Turkey… but everytime I was charged with more than 10 cents. ALso my days are expiring.
    Whats the matter ? How can you be charged when it is declared to be free?

    ANy help ? suggestion ?

  31. how i can download i need to talk to my family in Germany

  32. hello welcome to live viopwise have you every tıme now

  33. My connection gets disconnected always when i get thru a call..It says check ur firewall/internet connection. I’ve disabled firewall also..Can anyone help?

  34. i want viopwise new version softwire

  35. all you people have no other work than commenting

  36. guys who do you think is the best VOIP provider today? 🙂

  37. i like voipwise it is best networke in world

  38. i want india to pakistan free voip

  39. I use which is cheap and reliable calling cards provider.They also provide pc2phone services. I like them very much.

  40. I want to buy credit but when I click buy credit button it doesn’t display visa or mastercard. so I want quick solution.

  41. I like as well, i am using their service.

    Kantipurtel provides cheap calling to nepal, cheap world wide calling, pinless and many more. Great customer support is their advantage. Kantipurtel is cheap nepal calling card. , also they give $25 free for some award.

  42. Yes provides free calls to nepal as well , you guys can give a try , i love them.

  43. I am a regular reader of your site and would just like to say thank you! I am due to start my own blog an would like to know how to go about doing so. I hear a lot about WordPress is this a good site to use? Thanks.

  44. oooooooooo

  45. hallo,

    ich will vopwise guthaben kaufen..aber ich habe keine bescheid.. 😦

    • i live in cameroon in a city with no access to the internet.please i nwant tooprate a call shop using the ip system. please giude me

  46. I just bought, they kind of rip off, I think they charged more then they suppose to charge

  47. I love looking through an article that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

    • My name is mare just I need to understand why when I buy credit for $10 they send me statements with charge of $10.70 which is okay but when I go to my bank account I find out they charge me $14.40. This for every time . They are stealing our money this company is mess

  48. I have no criedt card.. where i pay in Pakistan?

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