FREE Text Messages Worldwide with Mobik

mobikMobik let you send free sms messages anywhere in the world from their website or from your registered mobile phone. Also you earn points when you refer your friends and you can exchange this points for real items like iPod, Mobile phones.

Mobik is a AD-based free sms service, so when you send sms from their website ads are displayed and this helps to pay for the service so that you can continue to enjoy free sms.

To use mobik you have to register for the service at and register your mobile phone number. It so easy to use, you just have to follow the instructions on their website. Sending sms from your mobile phone requires that you have a phone that supports Java and that you download and install the mobiK applet.

Mobik have interesting points system where you are rewarded for using the service and reffering others with what mobik calls K dollars. If you acquire lots of K dollars you can redeem them on Mobik store and get yourself a iPod, Mobile phones etc. Overall Mobik puts FREE SMS ahead of the competition.

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  2. that’s great. also some website provide same service and cost of free

    thanks to share with us.

  3. i love u

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